Besides the nation development, somewhere in our modern society exits a lot of bad things which are inevitable. Day by day, the crime problems are complicated in actions, larger in amount, and dangerous in behavior that affect the social security and order, wealth safety.

It is established and developed the security trademark of VN THANG LONG 24 for 10 years with the slogan Previous precaution, Far prevention of YUKI SEPRE 24 Company, will well implement all tasks on protecting customers’ wealth, keeping order and security, facilitating all aspects relating to the customers’ order and security as well as their wealth safe.

With the criterion of thoughtfully serving VN THANG LONG 24’s customers, we always heighten and primly care for helping our customers to feel assured in their business and their development, prosperity!

Our guards usually seize the thought “Have a little contribution on security scope to make our country, society peaceful and beautiful”.

Management members of VN THANG LONG 24 Security Company are security-experienced indiviuals who are co-founders of the first security company present in Vietnam in 1995's, and the members of adviser board are the former Officers serving in Police and Military Branch.

Let’s VN THANG LONG 24 Security Company’s guards partially bring own culture to you.

VN THANG LONG 24 Security Company undertakes to give you our staff “Polite and Pleasant, Quick and Accurate, Listen and Cooperate, Devoted and Faithful, Responsibility and Effect, Professional and Reliable”

Development Process

VN THANG LONG 24, head office at Go Vap District, HCMC, established and leaded by veteran Officers, veterans with high experiences in security scope, is issued the business registration certificate date 12th August, 2003 by the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, VN THANG LONG 24 Security Company is issued the certificate of meeting all Order and Security Conditions working in Vietnam territory, and is allowed VN THANG LONG 24 Security Company to self-organize profession courses or send the staff to attend profession courses of Ministry of Public Security and is examined to issue vocational certification for body-guards by Ministry of Public Security.

Working procedure, VN THANG LONG 24 Security Service Company has affirmed our reputation and trademark in the scope of security service, and has tens of branches, representative offices in provinces and cities as: Ha No, Ho Chi Minh, Dong Nai, and Binh Duong, Can Tho…..those meet all requests on security services of customers in the whole country. VN THANG LONG 24 Security Company has owned thousands of body-guards being well moral, good at profession, and proficient in using supporting devices and professional security tools, and we can meet all safe requests of customers. Moreover, VN THANG LONG 24’s body-guards are equipped sky blue uniform with the meaning “Beauty and Hospitality” that will make your company new and more colorful. Matching with applying quality management system under ISO 9001:2000 standard and equipping modern management software, so VN THANG LONG 24 Security Company is one of the leading security companies which have professional and qualitative reputation in Vietnam.

In parallel with trading tasks, VN THANG LONG 24 has established and sufficiently maintained in organizing Cell, Branch, Trade Union, Red Cross…and it created working environment, stable income and trained a striving spirit for the employees thanks to that almost VN THANG LONG 24’s staff conscientiously serve customers with the best responsible spirit.

For the past years of construction and growth, VN THANG LONG 24 Security Company has been honor to achieve many merit certificates and merit lists from Ministry of Industry & Trade, People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City Confederation of Labor, Vietnam Red Cross Central, Red Cross of Ho Chi Minh City, General Tax Department, Ho Chi Minh City Bureau of Police, Tax Department of Ho Chi Minh City, and Party organs, Public authorities, Unions of Tan Binh District and Ho Chi Minh City as well as a lot of gold cups, silver cups, certificates…. from quality management organizations, National Office of Intellectual Property, and other social organizations.


The company culture is set up under some basics as: the company’s operating philosophy; business morality; service and goods system that we provide; operation mode of the company; communication mode between the company and society…..

And each ethnic group, each country are necessary to have a firm culture for everlastingness, our company culture is not out of this category. It must consider the culture as a guiding principle for our company. Therefore, building company culture is urgent, essential and is the first thing that each company need to concern about.

Nearly 10 years of foundation and growth, VN THANG LONG 24’s security image give a nice impression to customers; also that is pride of VN THANG LONG 24’s over 2000 guards every where in the whole country. VN THANG LONG 24’s cultural identity is compared to “as a house roof” with united spirit, love and support together, heartiness, responsibilities, quality service…This value is built, consolidated and developed by Leaders, Officers, Workers from the North to the South with each safe minute and the color uniform of sky blue being Beautiful and Friendly.

Nowadays, VN THANG LONG 24 Security Company has become a company with over 03 Branches and representative offices spreading from Ha Noi Capital to large cities as: Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho….and has over 2000 people of total officers, workers. Each individual carries different culture baggage, so the conserving and developing VN THANG LONG24’s cultural identity is not simple and this is also a problem that the company’s management board especially concern about in the company’s durable growth strategy.

One of strategic solutions on building the company culture is “VN THANG LONG 24’s behavior regulation and culture” as Working and Communicative style, worker relationship, communication with superiors and lower positions, colleagues and business partner relationship as well as local authorities, media and press officers….to clearly understand our position to have suitable behaviors, to comply with the Law and the company’s regulations and provisions.

Guidelines “Take quality service to be a motivation on developing the company” consider a lodestar for all operation of the company “Service quality is mainly the qualification of the body-guards”, besides the other elements, the body-guards of VN THANG LONG 24 need to meet all standards: “Humanity – Gratefulness – Intelligence – Reputation – Brave”, so the slogan “Training virtue, forming talent and being worthy body-guard”, are scientifically trained and creatively used in implementing the tasks. The core value of VN THANG LONG 24’s body-guards must be:

* QUALITY is a vital request of VN THANG LONG 24 Security Company. Absolutely, don’t let VN THANG LONG 24’s body-guard image to be bad by weak service quality.

* REPUTATION is the first-rate during cooperation process, customers service; not cheating or break our promise to customers.

* EFFECT and durable benefits.

* PROFESSIONAL, having high duty, being punctual, having a proactive plan, speed and high accuracy.

* UNITEDNESS will help our company to always develop, overcome all challenges, difficulties.


1. Security-planning work: Security plan which is scientifically built, optimized by VN THĂNG LONG 24’s Operation Department meets the customers’ requests and real situations at the location where needs to guard, assure safety and highest effect for customers.

2. Working time:

VN THANG LONG 24’s guards continuously work in shifts at the objects under the plan of protecting during 24h/day, all days in a week (consists of Sunday, National holidays, New Year days without receiving any other fee from customers).

3. Guards:

VN THANG LONG 24’s guards are selected under compulsory standards and strict recruiting process. Among them, the majority of them are people who used to work for police and military branch and have professional knowledge and deep experiences in security scope. The guards are trained and usually taken refresher courses on profession to closely control any situations at the object; have abilities on team work as well as individual action, have good vocational morality, strict disciplinary awareness.

4. Mobile Team and Quality-testing Team:

VN THĂNG LONG 24 Security Company always has a “mobile force” being ready to urgently support any alert situations and a “quality-testing” team usually periodically and suddenly checking the objects, in order to monitor and evaluate security service quality, to detect the guards’ weakness and shortcoming so that they can be correct in time.

VN THANG LONG 24 always warns hidden hazards and advises preventive methods with a point of view “Prevention is better than cure” to bring the highest safety for customers.

5. Customer Care Department:

Customer care department usually meets and listens to customers’ ideas, appreciates service quality, improves and amends some problems that are not suitable during implementing the contract in order to satisfy all customers’ requests.

6. Guards’ costume and supporting tools:

VN THANG LONG 24’s guards wear typical blue uniform that is beautiful, simple and strong and make up the beauty of Factories, Companies, Enterprises, Banks, and Construction sites for customers. In addition, they are equipped suitable supporting tools meeting the provisions of Ministry of Public Security and assure to well handle any situations that can be happened.

7. Compensation duty:

VN THANG LONG 24 Company (or Insurance Company) takes responsibilities on compensating 100% of material loss caused by the fault of VN THANG LONG 24’s guards.


- Branch: 331/70/32 Phan Huy Ich, Ward 14, Go Vap District, HCMC. (Workplace)
- Phone: 028. 3831 0507 - Fax 028. 3831 0506
- Hotline: 0906 33 76 79 - Email: info@vnthanglong.com
- Website: http://vnthanglong.com