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1. Working Time:

- 24/24 hours / day, 07 days / week, 365 days / year, regardless of holidays under the Labor Code.

- Unit price of the service is: 11,500,000 VND / 01 Location 24/01 months. (Eleven million, five hundred thousand dong

- The price does not include VAT)

2 .The above rate includes:

- Expenses for personnel protection.

- Support tools.

+ Uniforms and other kinds of support

- Types of insurance costs for personnel protection (social insurance, health insurance, accident insurance, surgery ...)

- Types of insurance which the beneficiary is esteemed company include the following types of insurance:

+ Property insurance.

- Patrol, guarding.

- Soup to keep order.

- Asset protection commodities.

- Protecting (Bodyguard).

- We Leads 100% mobile patrol team and support when problems at target include:

+ Rapid response team.

+ The Article Order


- Will support 15 minutes after receiving the information needed to support

- We would like to thank the Company for taking the time to consider this quotation. Above is a quote consulted, to have more accurate quotation, you company please contact directly with us, or for our first appointment to contact and fieldwork, then we will inform you with specific price and most accurate

(Quotation on only apply in May 02)