Protecting mobile objects

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Protecting mobile objects

a. Serving object: convoy currencies, special goods.

b. Requirements:

- Specialization: all individuals joining in the security team that convoys currencies, special goods must meet all specialization requirements as follow:

- Passed the primary martial arts course

- Passed mobile protection course of VN THANG LONG 24.

- Passed hazard-handling course in protecting mobile objects.

- Be able to use specialized supporting tools as: crowbars, electric rods and dispatched light canes.

- The age of 25 to 40, and meet appearance features of VN THANG LONG 24.

- Build the escorting and guarding plans for currencies in details. Must consider time for going and returning, sensitive areas, supporting forces when hazards occurred, solving plan for any occurred hazards….

- Security support for customers in currency transaction

- Costumes: stab-resistant vest, riot-fighting helmet.

- Supporting tools: equipped specialized supporting tools for event security as: crowbars, electric rods, stab-resistant vests, riot-fighting helmets, walkie-talkies, dispatched light canes, POV (Point-of-view camera)……

c. General job description

- Absolutely protect customers’ safety from receiving period to shifting process, not let criminal objects to trespass or spoil and lose.

- Shifting process must keep the object be solid, still have lead seal during shifting.

- Keep secret on goods name, quantity, the departing and arriving time.

- Security force is divided into 2 groups: one group mainly protects to convoy currencies and special goods, another group camouflages into pedestrians to timely support if any problems occur.

- Guards must look around before moving and not far from the convoyed object.

- Route movement must follow the provided plan, is not allowed to casually change.

- Not only take precaution of theft but also let the objects not tear, break.

- Loading the goods must be overseen by the person in charge under the plan.

- Security force must have phone number of local authorities at the place where the shifting will pass by to get their support if necessary.

- Working time

- Working time of guards depends on customers’ request, the request of shifting goods, convoying currencies.

- Duration of supplying service: 2 -3 days

- Other information

- Always investigate and build the private plans for each event of convoying currencies and special goods.

- Free of duty on insurance items for the guards, vocational-risk insurance, team leaders, mobile team, quality-testing team….

- To favour and take care of the customers’ benefits, VN THANG LONG 24 Security Company has bought Public vocation and liability insurance valued in VND 5,000,000,000 of Petro Vietnam Insurance Joint Stock Corporation. Therefore, whenever any wealth damages belonging to the guards’ fault occurred is also attended by the third party (Insurance). Customers perfectly feel assured in wealth-damaged compensation.

- Basic cost for thi service is VND 150,000đ/01 person/01 hour, and can be increased or decreased under each object features, location and customers’ senior request.

- Revenue of this service accounts for 5% of total annual revenue of VN THANG LONG 24 Company.