Protecting fixed objects

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Protecting fixed objects

a. Serving objects: Buildings, offices, factories, enterprises, construction sites, supermarkets, banks, schools, hospitals, commercial centers, garages, hotels, restaurants, houses, museums….

b. Requirements

- Base on location features and operation situations on actual production and trade of each object, the requests for security force are different. However, general purposes and requirements of VN THANG LONG 24’s security force are to assure security, safety for any customers’ activities as well as to make transaction with customers convenient, all actions exploiting to disturb public order, theft, wealth failure are found out, prevented and handled timely.

- Apply solutions, methods being necessary and complying with Vietnamese Law.

- All VN THANG LONG 24’s guards must be polite, endeavoured, pay attention to observation, control and embrace all situations.

- Guards at the main gate of our partner

c. General job description

- Prevent all illegal violated actions, disorder, destroy, theft or threatening on the officers’ life who are working in the protected area.

- Monitor and remind the compliance of regulations and provisions of the organization in charge for the employees, workers, and customers.

- Check and control (if allowed) people, facilities, goods, outfits moving in or out off the guarded area.

- Timely prevent and find out detonating combustion in order to immediately handle and notice the local authorities join to solve.

- Prevent law-break actions.

- Control the goods bringing out and in the objects.

- Control and monitor subcontractor’s workers who come in the object for executing.

- Not allow any people without personal documents and having suspicious signals, people who not follow the guards' direction when entering the Object. (Except VIP customers and heralded people being free from this formality).

- Periodically go on a patrol, control the object.

- Check the fire protection system, and periodically rehearse fire protection.

- The guards must serve 24/24 hour/day, are not allowed to remove their position except having the others to change.

d. Working time

- VN THANG LONG 24’s guards safely protect 24/24h 07 days/week and 365 days/year for customers’ life and wealth.

- Duration for supplying service: 5-10 days (under the amount of guards requested from customers).

- Working time of each guard is 08h/day, 3shifts/day. Not discern days off under the Labor Law.

- Change the guard who is not qualified, or after customers’ request within 24h.

- Compensate the damages on wealth for customers within 30 days.

e. Other information

- Always investigate and build the private plans for each guarded object. After 01 year, investigate and build again the plans to be suitable to the reality.

- Free of duty on insurance items for the guards, vocational-risk insurance, team leaders, mobile team, quality-testing team….

- To favour and take care of the customers’ benefits, VN THANG LONG 24 Security Company has bought Public vocation and liability insurance valued in VND 5,000,000,000 of Petro Vietnam Insurance Joint Stock Corporation. Therefore, whenever any wealth damages belonging to the guards’ fault occurred is also attended by the third party (Insurance). Customers perfectly feel assured in wealth-damaged compensation.

- Basic cost for thi service is VND 16,000,000/01 location for 24/24hour and over, and can be increased or decreased under each object features, location and customers’ senior request.

- Revenue of this service accounts for 85% of total annual revenue of VN THANG LONG 24 Company.